Swimming with Dolphins for Everyone – Visit or interact with Dolphins

Come to Marmaris and join our swimming with dolphins program for everyone. Our floating sea dolphinarium is open all the year round. Session times are daily at 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:00. Each session last about 40 minutes.

Basically no advance reservation is required. In high season (June, July, August) you should book on-site 2-3 days in advance due to high demand.

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Unfortunately we cannot accept reservations by phone.

The dolphinlagoon is located at the sea front, a 2min. walk or 100m from the Grand Yazici Mares and Club Turban Hotel. (2 miles from Icmeler, 3 miles from Marmaris Centre).

Right in front of the Dolphin Park at the sea promenade, there is a stand to make your reservation and payment in advance. You can also pay with credit card or in cash – we accept GBP, Euro, USD or Turkish Lira.

You can take your own photos free of charge. However, we have also professional photographers who take photos, prox. circa 120 pictures on a CD, which you can buy for 50,- EUR. Printed photos costs 10,- EUR each. We accept credit and debit cards.

Our swimming with dolphins programs


Please read also our rules for participants of our swim with dolphins programs

Visit and Watch the Dolphins

All our sessions last about 35-40 minutes.

Visit our open water Dolphin Park and see the dolphins, get a chance to learn about their behavior while watching interactive swim and meet programs. Take some memorable photos. Children under 6 years free, (must be accompanied by an adult).

Adult 15.- € – Currency Converter
Children 6-10 years 10.- €  each (must be accompanied by an adult)

Children under 6 years free of charge

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Meet with a Dolphin (acting from the platform – in groups max. 10 person)

If you’ve always wanted the chance to meet with a dolphin, this is for you! Join the trainer on the platform for 25 min- to shake flippers with your new dolphin friend! Give the dolphin a little backrub to experience what a dolphin feels like while the dolphin gets a chance to relax and enjoy! Dance, play with ring and ball, feed him fish, get kisses too. Includes watch program. Minimum age for meet program on the platform is 3 years.

In groups of max. 10 persons:

Adult 45.- € per person         25 Minutes Currency Converter
Children 3-8 years
only in accompany with one paying adult
35.- € per person         25 Minutes

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Swim with a dolphin

If you always had the dream to swim with a dolphin and learn about them in an unique way while spending exciting moments in their element, then join this program. Get kissed, touch and dance with the dolphin- your highlight will be a belly ride to maximize both yours and the dolphin’s enjoyment! After that everyone will enjoy taking unforgettable photos.

Swim in groups of max. 10 pers. 80.- € each | 35 Minutes with the Dolphin Currency Converter
 VIP Couple-Swim (2 pers.) 110,- € each | 15 Minutes (daily once at 5pm)
ticket Children of age 8-11 might swim only with one accompanied paying adult.

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Dolphin Trainer for a Day

Have you always wondered what it is like to be dolphin trainer? Make your dream come true and become a trainer for a day! See what it is really like to work with these magnificent animals and participate in all aspects of the job. You will be paired up with a trainer and start your day preparing fish for the dolphins meals and giving the dolphins their daily vitamins, then come along and assist the trainer with training as well as play sessions with the dolphins.

The trainer for a day program starts on any day you wish in the morning at 09:30 and finishes at 17:00. Included is one hour lunch with the trainer and at the end of the program you will get a certificate as a trainer for a day. You follow the trainer the whole day and assist him in preparing the food, clean the fish kitchen, feed the dolphin, learn skills by training the dolphin and in the afternoon you will participate in a group swim together with the dolphin for about 35 minutes.

You will get a chance to learn all the things you always wanted to know about dolphins and training, learn how we train our animals and get all your questions answered. Dont forget your swimwear! Lunch included.

350.- €  p.Person – Currency Converter
150,- €   for accompanying person (photography, attend the meals, accompany throughout the day)

Guidelines and rules of conduct for participating in our touristic programs

  • Minimum age for swim program between 8 and 11 years only in accompany with one paying adult
  • Minimum age for meet program on the platform is 3 years, 3-8 only in accompany with one paying adult.
  • Minimum age for dolphin trainer for a day is 12 years
  • For visiting, children up to 10 years must be accompanied by an adult
  • Parents carry all responsibility

The swimming with dolphins for “everyone” takes place in a separate dolphin pool, which is only used for the touristic swimming with dolphins. The animals are specially trained to play and be pet by swimmers.

  1. Mental and physical health of each swimmer is required! Pregnant women allowed participating only in the meet program.
  2. All Participants of this program must wear a life jacket provided by us.
  3. Swimmers must be able to take an upright position in the water. Should you loose control of your body the trainer may take you out of the water and continue the program on the platform. In such case there is no refund. Same applies if the customer decides to interrupt the swim programme for any reasons.
  4. Participants exceeding 100 kg in weight cannot get the belly ride for safety of the animals.
  5. The use of any technical devices cameras, videocams or smartphones on the platform or in the water is prohibited.
  6. Any sun block- lotions- oils- cream or medical skincare should not be used before the dolphin swim. All jewelers such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings must be taken off before the swim. Participants with overly long fingernails will be declined. Special care has to be taken not to touch the eyes or the blow hole of the dolphins. Experience unforgettable harmony with the angels of the seas and treat the dolphins with care as you would do with your own child.

Location of Dolphin Park





Dolphin Therapy

It was a great and successful time that we got to spend with you. Sandra has lost her anxiety and rushing. Her concentration is so much better, that she stays and sits at the table, draws longer and more precise, plays board games till the end. She has also made huge improvements with her language. We are very happy to have done the therapy.


Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin Therapy

Come to Marmaris: Swimmimg with dolphins for the whole family. Our swimming seawater-dolphinbasin is opened the whole year.

Swimming with Dolphins

Wellness Program

Dolphin Therapy

Just take a break from it all, relax and do something for yourself. It doesn't take a lot of your time, it is intense, enjoyable and relaxing. Let yourself be spoiled by the angels of the ocean and indulge in wellness and beauty programs, steam bath and other amenities.


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