Adeli / Therasuit Therapy

Adeli Therapy also known as Therasuit Therapy is suitable for patients with spastic paralysis, Cerebral Paresis and further disorders of movement. The Adeli Therapy originates from space research and, similar to astronauts, patients are fitted with a suit, the so-called €˜Adeli-Suit€™. The suit stabilises the patient’s posture and extremities and corrects the head and foot posture and other functions, and can be adjusted to meet the patient’s requirements.


It is composed of many support and weight elements, shoulder pads and vest, a wide belt , shorts, knee pads and shoes. These parts of the suit are connected with elastic straps. The muscles are stimulated and trained therewith during neuro-physiological exercises.

As Adeli Therapy does not require the patient to take medication or have injections, or to undergo any operations, this form of therapy has no side-effects, no element of risk and is not painful. It can be used to treat various different ailments even when they are in an advanced state. Patients who suffer from epilepsy are advised not to try this form of therapy.

Through moving with the suit, impulses that are transmitted to the brain are corrected and normalised. This affects the central nervous system, co-ordination and speech ability. Here disturbed functions can be reanimated which also remain after the end of the therapy.

As Adeli Therapy is not so common in Europe as opposed to the rest of the world, with the addition of this form of therapy to our programme we want to make it available to a wider spectrum of people who need therapy in Europe. The addition of this form of therapy to our Therapy Package does not increase the price.