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We look forward to receiving your intern or therapist application. Interns may only work from the beginning of May through July or from the beginning of August through October. Applicants preferably come from the fields of medical therapy, social education or caregiving.

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Dolphin Therapy

It was a great and successful time that we got to spend with you. Sandra has lost her anxiety and rushing. Her concentration is so much better, that she stays and sits at the table, draws longer and more precise, plays board games till the end. She has also made huge improvements with her language. We are very happy to have done the therapy.


Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin Therapy

Come to Marmaris: Swimmimg with dolphins for the whole family. Our swimming seawater-dolphinbasin is opened the whole year.

Swimming with Dolphins

Wellness Program

Dolphin Therapy

Just take a break from it all, relax and do something for yourself. It doesn't take a lot of your time, it is intense, enjoyable and relaxing. Let yourself be spoiled by the angels of the ocean and indulge in wellness and beauty programs, steam bath and other amenities.


Sea Mammals Rescue Team