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Dolphins touch your heartstrings…
Dolphins are the Angels of the seas… fall in love with the Angels !

The new and extended dolphin therapy program from Onmega Health Tourism Ltd. And Megasport Reisen includes the Direct-Contact-therapy as a catalyst for six other applications of classical therapy methods such as Physio,-, Cranio Sacral,- Ergo,- Speech therapy and the Adeli-therapy in our new therapy facilities at the Hotel Mares. Depending on the clinical picture one of the described classical therapies will supplement the dolphin therapy for the patient.

full width banner Dolphin Therapy with Axel ans happy child

Megasport-Reisen and Onmega Health Tourism :

are a private company based in Germany and turkey. We set the goal to provide Dolphin Therapy of the highest quality incorporating the newest scientific knowledge from modern Dolphin Therapy research supplemented and supported with classic therapy methods all to a favourable compact-price ( Vacation and therapy benefits ).

Dolphin Therapy in General

barbara with child during the therapy in open seawater dolphinariumA Dolphin-assisted therapy together with specially trained marine biological psychologists enable children with mental or physical handicaps to find new ways to health.
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Dolphin Swimming

  • Visit our dolphin therapy center and see the dolphins, get a chance to learn about them and take some memorable photos.
  • If you’ve always wanted the chance to touch a dolphin, this is for you! Join the trainer on the platform to shake flippers with your new friend!
  • Get wet with a dolphin and learn about them in an unique way, spending some time in their element and getting to know them.
  • Have you always wondered what it is like to be trainer? Make your dream come true and become a trainer for a day!
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Kevin has awakened !!!

kevin during dolphin therapy
Kevin has awakened !!! Kevin from Reisbach has awakened through Dolphin Therapy. There was a big report from the Press in the Wochenblatt, Vistalboten and the daily papers in Munich. It was also reported by Radio Trausnitz and by the TV Channels Pro 7 and Sat 1……
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Dolphin Therapy Center & Mares Hotel Dolphinpark

We offer two possibilities of therapy in separate pools. In one of them there are three special trained dolphins for our patients. The other pool provides the opportunity of anti-stress-therapy for everyone.

open seawater dolphinarium in Marmaris

The first floating Sea Dolphinarium in Europe holds dolphins in sea water, therefore in their natural environment.

our Dolphin Therapycenter in Marmaris



Dolphin Therapy

It was a great and successful time that we got to spend with you. Sandra has lost her anxiety and rushing. Her concentration is so much better, that she stays and sits at the table, draws longer and more precise, plays board games till the end. She has also made huge improvements with her language. We are very happy to have done the therapy.


Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin Therapy

Come to Marmaris: Swimmimg with dolphins for the whole family. Our swimming seawater-dolphinbasin is opened the whole year.

Swimming with Dolphins

Wellness Program

Dolphin Therapy

Just take a break from it all, relax and do something for yourself. It doesn't take a lot of your time, it is intense, enjoyable and relaxing. Let yourself be spoiled by the angels of the ocean and indulge in wellness and beauty programs, steam bath and other amenities.


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